Karpenter Lampang (2/3)

“It’s my first time as a host. I didn’t have any expectations at all of what it would be like. I just want to make things from the heart. But I found I really enjoy the host life. Most of the people that come here are lovely. I love to talk to them and to make new connections with people. So many guests tell me that they love the hotel and really appreciate the uniqueness of the design. The hotel is designed in a carpentry-themed wood, concrete and steel style, and every room is named after a carpenter’s tool. It makes me proud that I was able to do this mostly on my own, both getting the business started as well as running it on a daily basis.

I love to do woodworking, it used to be my hobby to make tables. I have made a few of the ones in the hotel but the time was limited so I had to buy some as well. I still love to make them, but I run this hotel alone so it’s hard to find the time. However on days when I haven’t got any customers I try to take the opportunity to indulge myself in some woodworking”.

Nisit Unhalekhachit 
Host since 2017, 5 units
Karpenter Lampang, Lampang, Thailand

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Lampang 3.jpg