Mavens Kustnära Stugor (2/3)

“I am a self taught builder and have always had an interest in designing and creating things. The interest has grown over time and I love to just try stuff and learn along the way. My frequent travelling has given me lots of inspiration and introduced me to new designs and materials. Mixing different materials is something I really enjoy. One time, in Mexico, I saw this beautiful round lamp that was made out of wood that I really liked. But instead of making it in wood I decided to try to make it in sheet metal. It turned out great. I build most of the stuff myself and bring in help when needed. It usually starts with me making a drawing. Then I show Anne and we take it from there. We soon have 14 cabins and one studio with a few more cabins and a conservatory on the way. After that it might be enough for us. We would like to keep the resort to a size that we can manage ourselves in an easy way. Every time we’ve finished a new cabin we pretend that we are guests ourselves and stay there for a night. We try to make it as authentic as possible. We even start the trip from the harbor, as someone arriving to the island as a visitor. We’d like to do this for at least 10 more years. However, we want to evolve the concept along with the growth of the resort. How we do things and what we want to be.”

Stefan Lundgren and Anne Lundgren 
Host since 2006, 13 units
Mavens kustnära stugor, Gotland Sweden

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