Pensionatet Piteå (2/3)

“You are part of the history of a property. Other people have lived there before you and people will live there after you. These buildings are from the mid eighteen hundreds and was moved to this spot during the seventies. It used to be a collective housing back then, so a lot of people have lived here and like to visit us to get nostalgic and to see how the buildings have developed. I believe that the house is talking to us. And I really want to listen. If you see something beautiful you have to preserve it. That's the hidden treasures of the house. When we started to renovate we had a leak in the ceiling and had to tear it up. Underneath it we discovered the old ceiling made of a very unique galvanized sheet metal. It turned out to be very valuable with stamps of origin and dated from the eighteen hundreds. Today, it is used as a popular piece of artwork in our library. For our first website we designed a logo with a piece of the old wallpaper from the house. Our first guest was a woman working at the national heritage office. She had seen the wallpaper on our webpage and wanted to see it in real life. She insisted to come stay even though we had not officially opened yet. It turned out that she documented and dated all the wallpapers in the house, all the way from the early ones, from the mid eighteen hundreds, up to the more recent ones”

Lisa Hellmér 
Host since 2013, 8 units 

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