Pensionatet Piteå (1/3)

“I wanted to create a place for people to meet. A place where people really want to spend time. That’s how broad the concept was from the beginning. I also wanted to create something with the quality and authenticity that I like to consume myself. I saw the need for a concept like this here in Piteå, the town we live in the Northern part of Sweden. After talking about it with Patrik, my husband, for to long, he just told me stop talking about it and go for it. We found a property that would be perfect and went to the bank for loan. I was really afraid that talking about my broad vision for a “place to meet” would be to vague and far fetched. But I couldn't help myself from painting the full picture. The vision was a meeting place including a b&b, café, shop, entertainment in the garden, yoga, conferences and sewing circles. Luckily, the fantastic woman at the bank believed in us and granted us the loan. Today, after a lot of hard work, we have all those activities as part of our concept”

Lisa Hellmér 
Host since 2013, 8 units 

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