Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast (1/3)

“I had no clear vision of what it would be like to run a B&B, but I thought it seemed fun so I decided I wanted to try it! We started off with just one small apartment to find out if anyone would be interested in renting it, and also to see if we would enjoy the host life ourselves. One big concern was what it would be like to clean up after others. Would there be a mess? But the apartment became fully booked right away and all of the guests were tidy and nice, and overall it turned out that running a B&B was a lifestyle I really enjoyed, so we decided not only to continue but also to expand! And the guests keep coming back. Some of them use our lodgings as their country place. I love it when late at night I hear laughter from our garden, and when I look out the guests are lingering with candles lit and cosy blankets. That makes me just want to grab a bottle of wine and join in.“

Linda Wahlström
Host since 2009, 6 units 
Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast, Vaxholm Sweden

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