Hotel Stelor (3/3)

“I loved getting feedback from the guests. We tried our very best to see to their needs and intents. In the morning at breakfast, we asked them what their plans for the day were and tried to come up with fitting ideas and tips. And when they told us that not only had we met, but exceeded their vacation expectations it made me feel really proud. The ambition was to build a destination rather than a place for them to sleep. We had guests that spent their whole vacation not leaving the hotel. Several guests from America didn't even arrive by car. They just took the bus from Visby and got off at our stop. And still, we succeeded in becoming a part of the rural community as well. We managed to avoid being excluding. The locals came to have a beer at night side by side with the guests from far away.“

Björn Milton
Host 2011-2012, 6 units 
Hotel Stelor, Gotland Sweden