Fårösunds Fästning “Fortress” (1/3)

Fårösunds Fästning “Fortress” (1/3)
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“I am originally an actor and was running a large film studio at the time. I fell really bad and almost lost my life. Right then it hit me that if it’s so easy to die I might as well have fun in life and create what I want. One day when I was walking my dogs on the north side of Gotland, the island in Sweden where I live, I passed by the remains of this old fortress built in stone by the sea. I knew about the place since before but this time the idea started to form in my head that it would be really nice to build a boutique hotel on that spot. And I started to picture it in my head. I designed it together with a friend who is an architect. It became a really large project and took us a year to build. The proudest moments for me with this project, and any project, are when people ask me how in the world I could come up with the idea in the first place. I think you have to be a bit crazy and not afraid to fail. If you dare to try things and face your failures you also become a really fun person along the way”.

Peter Alvérus 
Host since 2012 (second time), 16 units 
Fårösunds Fästning (Fortress), Gotland Sweden

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