The making of the Greenhouse (2/2)

“Building the Greenhouse has given us the opportunity to add new types of activities to our concept. The drop-in buffet on Sundays for both locals and tourists, bookings of the Greenhouse for private dinners and lunches and the possibility to host workshops and events. Recently we arranged a dinner with cheese tasting with a local producer. We have also had a flower binding event with the local florist and a chocolate tasting evening with dinner. These workshops are very much inspired by what we can package that fit the environment and is interesting for those who live in the area. We have seen an increasing interest in food, flowers, gardening and crafts. We want to invite hobby and relaxation into everyday life together with other local entrepreneurs.”

Linda Wahlström
Host since 2009, 6 units 
Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast Vaxholm Sweden
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