Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast (2/3)

“One thing I hadn’t thought about was that the host life is a 24/7 job. In order to give the guests the right expectations I have set specific reception hours. That way I can leave the B&B for errands without constantly having to worry that a guest would be there waiting in confusion when I get back. If you start counting hours put in you will easily get frustrated, but easy money is not the reason for choosing this life. The B&B is my responsibility but in the end it’s a family business that would never work if everybody wasn’t onboard. The children help out with checkins and checkouts. My husband produces the material for marketing. The apartments are located in our home. Every member of the family has to think this is a good the idea in order for it to work.“

Linda Wahlström
Host since 2009, 6 units 
Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast, Vaxholm Sweden

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