Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast (3/3)

“The guests can choose breakfast included in their accommodation. Every night I make the dough for tomorrow's rolls and leave them to rise overnight in the fridge, and in the morning we hang the breakfast bags on the apartment door knobs along with various tips for that specific guest - for example the time table for the boat if I know that they are planning an excursion, or a map of a place they have been talking about visiting.

As a part of the B&B concept I also run a small shop. It emerged from guest inquiries on where to buy various accessories and decorations found in the apartments. Since it seemed like a lot of work for the guests to hunt out the products I decided to collect them for sale here as well. Now the towels, soaps and candles etc found in the apartments as well as the home made granola and jam served for breakfast can be bought here and brought home as souvenirs. And of course trays, cutting boards, pillows, towels and fabric with our own design and pride, the Vaxholm pattern!“

Linda Wahlström
Host since 2009, 6 units 
Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast, Vaxholm Sweden

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