The making of the Greenhouse (1/2)

“We’ve always loved our courtyard and frequently discussed if we should share it with our guests or keep it as a private area. We also talked about how we could continue to develop our concept even though we’re limited in space and number of rooms. By dividing our courtyard and garden into different parts it became easier for us to see what we could do with each separate part. We decided that a greenhouse would be perfect, both for keeping plants and to invite guests as an extra space to relax in. It also became a possibility to invite the locals since they normally don’t have a reason to check in with us. Every Sunday we prepare a buffet in the Greenhouse with soup, home baked bread, waffles and classic Swedish “fika” pastries. Guests and locals can feel at home and relax in front of the fireplace”

Linda Wahlström
Host since 2009, 6 units 
Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast, Vaxholm Sweden
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