Lagårn - the renovation of the old barn (3/5)

“My brother and I really work well together. One of us comes up with an idea, we discuss it, go home to think about it and then rejoin again in the morning to make a decision. Of course there are times when we disagree. There was this diversity of opinion on the bathroom tiling - I had an idea that I really believed in, however there were so many protests from everyone involved in the project. But the vision was so clear to me - what the commode I was going to create would look like with a round basin and a golden mirror above it perfectly harmonizing with the floor tiles - I just knew it would be perfect. So I went for it anyway, and I'm glad I did because the result ended up exactly as I had imagined it! So no one is questioning my choice of floor anymore, ha ha!”


“I think I’ve always been able to visualize the results of the different parts of the renovation in advance, like “Oh now it won’t be long before this wooden wall is up, and I’ve always wished so much for a horizontal wainscoting like this one! And look here, now the boards begin to move and the cracks are starting to show, the whole wall is kind of just starting to happen!”