Lagårn - the renovation of the old barn (2/5)

“The cows were long gone from the old limestone barn on the property, all that was left were the halters and the stalls filled with a ton of stuff from generations of impulsive storing. The door and windows were broken giving it a rather scruffy appearance, and one third of the barn was now inhibited by our newly acquired brood of chicken. Around this time we were also starting to experience the need for more beds as relatives and friends were coming to visit, and once done with the renovation of the main house we felt that we should really try to clean the barn up as well and turn it into an accommodation.”


“The renovation of the barn would turn out to last 5 years. Initially we planned it as a fairly modest project, but as neither of us can do something just feebly the project continued to grow and grow. I love to recycle old interior and to renovate, upholster and make use of old furnishing in new ways, and my brother does fantastic cabinetwork with a modern expression. We both wanted everything to be just right. There really was no stopping us. “


“Naturally we faced some drawbacks - when doing the foundation the windows suddenly came loose and we had to take half of the outer wall apart and reconstruct it again. There simply was no way to know this would happen, but we just had to continue. And as the renovation proceeded to be constantly upgraded in every possible way, the thought of renting the place started to form.”