Lagårn - the renovation of the old barn (4/5)

Lagårn - the renovation of the old barn (4/5)

“I’m really looking forward to the hosting part. I’m currently retraining to be an upholsterer after 20 years of preschool teaching, and I do worry about the social part suddenly disappearing. But I think that hosting will involve a lot of exciting meetings with different people from all over the world! It certainly will be an interesting experience to live so close to the guests and I suppose the grades of interaction will vary. But I’m looking forward to maybe have a cup of coffee with a guest in the garden, or simply putting our tables together if discovering that we both are planning a barbecue!”


“My hopes are that staying with us will give the guests a peaceful vacation regardless of season, and a chance to enjoy the magical environment that surrounds the place. In the future I also would want it to be possible for the guests to buy the furniture from their stay. Say for example that you sit in this nice comfy chair gazing out through the window here on your vacation and feeling just great. Then you should be able to bring that very chair home with you to kind of keep a part of the feeling from your vacation! This would mean though that the interior of Lagårn would be constantly changing, and I would have to maintain a stock of renovated furniture in case a piece is suddenly brought back home with a guest.”