Fontalbe (3/3)

“The renovation of Fontalbe is the hardest thing I’ve done. We knew it would be a big project but there were a lot of unforeseen problems. The mill looked like battle ground from the beginning and we didn't know how big it was because it was impossible to walk around inside it since there was no floor. For instance, we didn’t know that there were huge, concrete fish tanks under the lawn (as the house had been a fish farm).  So, when our builder tried to install two septic tanks, what should have been a straightforward job turned into a nightmare and we ended up with a lawn that was a complete mess. Whilst the renovations were ongoing we were trying to juggle our jobs in the UK with organising builders and trying to come over as much as possible to see how things were progressing. We were very lucky that our designer oversaw everything for us. We trusted him completely and he always knew what would work and what wouldn’t. He has been brilliant and did some amazing things with the spaces. When the work was ongoing we towed a caravan over from the UK so that we could be on site for the builders as much as possible. Every time we came over from the UK the house seemed to get larger and larger. It was amazing to see the transformation. There were several times when I walked in and burst into tears because it was so beautiful. And we couldn’t believe that we owned such an amazing place”.

Rebecca and Greg
Soon to be Hosts, 1 house with 6 bedrooms
Fontalbe, Saint-Avit-Sénieur, France