Fontalbe (2/3)

“We don’t mind a little painting and decorating, but no major renovation” That was our brief to the agent. Little did we know that we would end up a world away from that. We have travelled a lot and seen really good places through the years. I really like the unique and different ones with the personal touches. We looked at several properties without finding the right one. Some of them were fantastic but completely out of our budget. Others were too far away from our vision. One agent really understood us and became a really close friend. One day we happened to mention to her that we had seen a fantastic old mill with one of the other agents. She then replied ‘why didn't you tell me that you are interested in a mill. I got one’.

“We first saw Fontalbe on a rainy day in April. I was in a bad mood and didn't like it at all, it looked like a battleground in desperate need of all kinds of renovation. But Greg, however, loved it. We went back to the hotel to discuss it and got really drunk. We decided to go back the next day to have another look at the old mill. Tomorrow came and it was a really beautiful day. This time I could really see the potential of the place. The large space and its uniqueness. Being in a valley walled by a forest and surrounded by water. Almost like a private island. You enter the property over a bridge and the river splits into two and circles the house, some land and the pool. There are no neighbors but it is not too remote either. We saw the potential with the place also as a home”.

Rebecca and Greg
Soon to be Hosts, 1 house with 6 bedrooms
Fontalbe, Saint-Avit-Sénieur, France

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