The Norrmans (4/5)

“Of course we had to wait until we could have the property before applying for planning permission. Only 6 months later we were scheduled to open the B&B. These were busy times. In just 3 months we had to make a complete accommodation with rooms from an old pigsty. This season we are renting the main building on the property as well and we’re planning to build an apartment for ourselves in the old gallery. At one time this property nearby was up for sale. We really wanted that one and started to plan for it. But then, on the very day of the contract signing, someone else just came along and bought it. Naturally we were pissed as we never had experienced being so close to something we really wanted and then not getting it. But when we moved on we moved on. And in hindsight with all the projects we got going as it is it probably was a good thing the deal didn’t close. And life would be a lot more boring if everything just worked out all the time!”.

Anna and Lars
Hosts since 2017, 8 units and a villa. 
The Norrmans, Klippinge, Denmark

Photos by Mikkel Adsbøl and Us.