The Norrmans (3/5)

“Everything we do is about creating the right feeling. An experience differ for different people, but everyone should have an experience. When we do interior decoration it lies in the colors, wallpaper, everything. Our job is to create those moments. When we have several rooms we make them all different. And we’re dreaming of taking the experience a step further. We have a fantastic night sky here. It’s light pollution free and very close to what can be called a “dark sky”. So we’re thinking of building a glass house out in the field behind the property. People want to experience something different. People are being bombarded with impressions all the time and sometimes we need to be alone in nature and just sit down by ourselves next to a tree”.

Anna and Lars
Hosts since 2017, 8 units and a villa. 
The Norrmans, Klippinge, Denmark

Photos by Mikkel Adsbøl and Us.

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