The Norrmans (2/5)

“We wanted to step out of the regular 9-5 life. We had considered doing something else for a while but didn't know exactly what we wanted to do. The B&B business became our way to do our own thing. We left Norway for Denmark and started to look for a nice countryside location for the B&B. First, we decided on a property in another region but then I read about this one, beautiful but unfortunately too expensive. - We're not buying that place, Lars said. But we ended up doing it anyway. We could see so clearly what we wanted to do with it, it triggered the right feeling in us directly. The high ceilings, the large garden with the sunset over the patio. It is totally quiet, far out in the countryside with no cars and no other properties in sight. We could live and work here right away”.

Anna and Lars
Hosts since 2017, 8 units and a villa. 
The Norrmans, Klippinge, Denmark

Photos by Mikkel Adsbøl and Us.

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