The Norrmans (1/5)

“We met 10 years ago in Oslo on a bliddate. I was running the first 24 hour fitness center and Lars worked for a large insurance company. At the time I had started to buy fixer-upper apartments to renovate and sell them again. Often I can immediately tell if an apartment or a house has a potential and what I would like to do with it, but in order to take action I also need to fall in love with the place. When doing the first apartment I borrowed some money from my parents to be able to make it. Now it is a part of what we do. We like it when the place is old and there is plenty of room for improvement, but we don't want to renovate it too much. We want to keep the old and charming soul of the place”.

Anna and Lars
Hosts since 2017, 8 units and a villa. 
The Norrmans, Klippinge, Denmark

Photos by Mikkel Adsbøl, Jon Lind (DK) and Us.

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