Fontalbe (1/3)

“The start of a new adventure — I really love my work as a criminal barrister in London but we felt that we had had enough of the city. My husband worked as a commodity broker and his contract was up around the same time. At first we considered just relocating in the UK, but then we realized that we really wanted a new adventure, a fresh start. We are too young to retire and still want do something new that we can be really good at, and make some money at the same time. When I was a young student I spent some time in France and really loved it, so we decided to spend a holiday there to see if we liked it. And of course we did. We drove around and visited a few different regions before deciding on The Dordogne Region. It had it all - the food, the wine and it’s stunning beauty. We started to talk to agents to see if we could find the right property.”

Rebecca and Greg
Soon to be Hosts, 1 house with 6 bedrooms
Fontalbe, Saint-Avit-Sénieur, France