el gran sueño (5/6)

“We believe that we all share a responsibility to leave the earth with as little footprints as possible. Apart from striving to be more stylish than other places, we try to stand out. We wanted to consider the environment to the fullest. Many hotels poison the environment and we don't want to do that. We have very little waste, only 20 litres per week goes to land-fill, the rest is composted or recycled. We also decided to go down the organic food route. It was really difficult to find it here when we started out in 2014. We saw it as a challenge to see how organic we could be.

There is no shop around here and to drive into town every day for bread for instance, we considered unsustainable. We decided we had to bake bread ourselves. Then we challenged ourselves to see how much we could make ourselves. Now, pretty much everything is homemade, bread, jam, biscuits, cakes. Also stocks, sauces, pastries and desserts. We tried our hand at an organic vegetable patch. It was a disaster. We now support a local farming cooperative for our fruit and veg supplies. Bread is my passion. Our sourdough bread has only water, flour and salt. The leven is natural. I keep a starter dough in the cupboard to make bread daily. From the principles of a sustainable heating system, organic shopping and home-made foods came the realisation that we’d created a “slow hotel”, something we’d never heard of”.

Dave and Javier
Hosts since 2013, 8 units 
el gran sueño, Asturias, Spain.

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