Catchup with - La Belle Vue

“Surprisingly, we got picked by a food magazine as one of Europe's best places to eat. We have redesigned our menus with the help of a great chef, known both for working with plant based food and her appearances on a cooking TV-show in Sweden. She’s helped us to add new things, take away some and overall been a real inspiration to us. We want to use locally produced and ecological products with really high quality. We buy a lot of olive oils from a local oil and saffron producer. We buy croissants from the local bakery in the village as well as local cheese, honey and vegetables. The wine comes from our fantastic producers in the area that our guest often also visit. And the wine that they buy we ship to them to have it wait on their doorstep upon arrival home. Every Thursday the seafood truck arrives and we buy oysters, clams and moules frites. People here are very conscious about taking care of our planet since they live from the sea and from farming.”

Yvonne Tenninge 
Host since 2014, 6 units 
La Belle Vue, Neffiés, France
Photos by: Agnes Maltesdotter & us. @undanflykter @plantbasedbythess

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