La Belle Vue (bonus material)

“French people seems to have the unique ability to live in the moment. Live with the seasons and be connected to the here and now. A typical dinner here lasts 2,5 hours and no one is using their mobile phone during the dinner. They just enjoy the food and the company. Everything takes more time but that's ok. People wants to take the time to talk to each other. At first I got frustrated but once I got used to it I really loved it.

The word for private accommodation is Chambre d´hôtes. It could mean everything from a castle to a tent. However, what’s unique is that it naturally comprises the hosting part. It implies that they don’t see the one thing separate from the other. They are naturally very welcoming and hospitable. They know their surroundings and share the history. You get really close to the french way of living when staying in someone's home. We really take care of our guests and their vacation. We book visits to vineyards, book restaurants and other “must” see excursions. It is a great way close to the local life and experience.”

Yvonne Tenninge 
Host since 2014, 6 units 
La Belle Vue, Neffiés, France
Photos by: Agnes Maltesdotter & us.

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