La Belle Vue (1/3)

“Life keeps pulling me back to France. Every year when I was a child, growing up in Sweden, we went on vacation to Spain. We used to stay in the region close to Barcelona and went by car through France. I used to love it. When I was 10 years old I was with my family on vacation in Paris. I remember that I got my own room at the top of the small rustic hotel. One night, laying there in my bed, I decided that at some point in the future I would move to France. Nine years later me and a friend made a promise. I was going to move to Paris and become a designer and he was going to move to United States and become professional hockey player. One day he called me and told he had signed a contract to play for the Philadelphia Flyers, “what about your promise” he said. Then I rushed away to Paris to become a designer and keep my promise. I stayed there for two years. The longing for France has always been there. Through the years I have brought my family to all corners of the country. The part I fell in love with the most was the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Years later an opportunity to move back to France finally presented itself. I was laid off from a job and we decided it was time for something new. We decided to move to France and start a bed & breakfast. We had no hospitality experience and had never owned a B&B.”

Yvonne Tenninge 
Host since 2014, 6 units 
La Belle Vue, Neffiés, France
Photos by: Agnes Maltesdotter

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