Ljugarnsstugor (2/2)

“I always fantasise about the next house to build. How can I do this or that differently in a cool way? Right now my mind is on a future project: The house would be producing as much electricity as possible by itself. Water is an important issue, so the water from showers would be collected in a tank and used for flushing and the rain water would be made use of. The toilet would use vacuum technique and the waste would be turned into biomass for reheating the house. I want the house to be made out of concrete and located deep in the middle of the forest where no roads or even forest paths go. In order to keep the surroundings untouched you would have to build the house in a different location and then move it there. Once a year there is a helicopter with the ability to carry 10.000 kg coming to Sweden, so I guess that would be the way to go about it.“

Ragnar Olofsson
Host since 2004, 4 units
Ljugarnsstugor, Gotland Sweden

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