Ljugarnsstugor (1/2)

“I have designed all the cabins myself. We wanted them to resemble the old grey fishing huts by the sea so we brought the contractor there to show him. We were also very strict about only allowing the construction workers to walk within one meter from the cabins in order not to ruin the untouched nature surrounding them. The cabins all resemble one another but I wanted to design something different in order not to get bored. That’s when Skogsvillan was built. It’s a larger cabin with an atrium in the center, designed to look and feel like an outdoor space, but indoors. We thought we would be letting the house for conferences, but it turns out it’s harder to make any money on that kind of business.“

Ragnar Olofsson
Host since 2004, 4 units
Ljugarnsstugor, Gotland Sweden

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