Nora's Place (3/3)

“The most difficult part has been working and living together 24/7. We used to have a long distance relationship. We both have strong personalities and in the beginning we did not know our roles. Now it is very specific what each person do and what role. I do not try to do what Roy do. Roy is very social and likes to check-in the guests, getting to know them and get them to feel welcome. I do the marketing, manage the bookings and the daily calendar. We also have three housekeepers and one security guard. Roy also has a background in property management and takes care about the properties and surroundings, decorations, painting and renovation. I have learned a lot of the actual running of a rental property and hosting. For instance, in the beginning, I had no clue how to turn on the generator etc. ”

Miguel and Roy
Hosts since 2017, 9 units 
Nora's Place, Panglao Island, Philippines

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