Nora's Place (1/3)

“We met 5 years ago, both being on vacation in Bangkok at the same time. I am from Manila and Roy comes from the UK. We decided we wanted to live together and find a common place to call home. We found it on Panglao Island in the Philippines. We started by going there and renting long term 3-6 month at a time. We used to stay at the same place every time, a place called Nora's Place. In the process we got to know the hosts, Ivo (from the Netherlands) and Nora (Philippines). They asked if we wanted to run the place for them. We accepted. Roy went back to the UK and sold his apartment, then he came back and we became the hosts of Nora's Place, a small quiet resort with apartments and a pool. It was renovated last year to fit more for people who stay daily or weekly. From a sort of a homestay into a boutique apartment resort with 3 main structures containing 9 apartments, each with a motorbike included in the rent. We reopened in September and the first week we had only one guest. However, it quickly turned around and since then we've gotten more bookings and made friends along the way.”

Miguel and Roy
Host since 2017, 9 units 
Nora's Place, Panglao Island, Philippines

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