Mavens Kustnära Stugor (3/3)

“Our guests usually don’t want to leave the resort. One time we had a family from France that enjoyed the stay so much that they forgot to leave the day it was time to go home. The next ferry from the island was fully booked but we called the operator and managed to squeeze them in. They sent us a bottle of Champagne as a thanks. Many people tend to be very stressed when they arrive. They usually calm down really fast in the relaxed environment. I remember one man visiting with his family. He was very intense when they arrived and had a lot of questions about what to do and see on the island. They ended up not leaving the resort at all during their stay and just had a relaxing time. We still keep in contact with him. We are planning to create some more events here on the resort as well. One idea is to have a band play in the afternoon when people arrive back from the beach. Sometimes people are surprised that we are here all the time, taking care of them and the place. I guess they are used to just meet the host when picking up the keys or something. Since we started to focus fully on our resort we have seen more people returning year after year. Some of them we have become really close friends with. We had a period when we worked a bit less but that wasn't for us. We live this lifestyle and there’s nothing else we rather do.”

Stefan Lundgren and Anne Lundgren 
Host since 2006, 13 units
Mavens kustnära stugor, Gotland Sweden

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