Pensionatet Piteå (3/3)

“If this is a place where all kinds of people should feel at home I also have to invite a diverse variety of people to work here. We have people from 13 years old up to 60 years old working here. We have some wonderful people with diagnoses such as ADHD and Asperger's syndrome. Everyone is involved in running the place. My leadership is not that strict and it allows everyone to take initiatives and run things according to their abilities. One time, one of my employees came to me and asked for more hours to work. I told her that then she can start more things and run them. That way she gets more hours. It is all about being involved and being resourceful. I focus a lot on energies when it comes hiring. Sometimes I hire people on the spot, even before I know they have the right skills, just because I feel the right energy and like the person. I have a very strong vision of how I want this place to feel like but I let my employees decide themselves how they want to run things and solve tasks. They are allowed to make mistakes and everything does not have to be perfect all the time. People usually discover themselves if they fit in here or not. If they can handle this environment they usually love to work here. The same goes with our guests, the ones that appreciates a free, authentic and unique experience loves it here. We are real, and everyone is welcome here for real.”

Lisa Hellmér 
Host since 2013, 8 units 

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Malmgatan post 3 bild 3.jpg