Nora's Place (bonus material)

“For Roy the most difficult part has also been working together. We were so used to coming here for vacation. Now we both work together and live together. We found our roles. If we don't interfere with each others job it works fine. I am first hand with the guests and really like mixing with them. Finding out where they are from and who they are. Often, we invite guests out during night time, for quiz night etc. Many of them have become friends. When you come to a holiday island for the first time you can spend a lot of time going to the wrong places. So, we want to recommend places we like and that we know is good. It is all about giving service. At one point, we met a couple named Aaron and Jenny. One day I noticed them passing by our gate several times. I invited them in. They were suppose to stay for two nights but ended up staying for three weeks. They had a flight booked but did not want to leave. They booked a second time and didn't go. The third time we actually made them go to not lose another flight. We really got to know them well. We hanged out a group of us during night. Barbecue, went to the beach, drank cocktails in the sunset and went around the island on motorbikes. We are still close friends. ”

Roy and Miguel
Hosts since 2017, 9 units 
Nora's Place, Panglao Island, Philippines

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