Catchup with - La Belle Vue

Catchup with - La Belle Vue
“We only do long collaborations that builds relationships with people we like. For instance, there is this very talented photographer that used to be in a relationship with the son of one of my friends. Now she is like a “bonus daughter” in our family. She stops by here every now and then between her travels. She’s taught us a lot about the art of photography. We also have a collaboration with a company that will help us curate books for our guest library. I saw that concept at a boutique hotel in Sweden. One day I told a guest about the concept and she surprisingly said, - I'm the one that curates the books for them. What were the odds? Now she helps us to pick books for our library as well, that fits our guests and the feeling we want to create. We’re also constantly looking for different products for our rooms that our guests can try out, purchase and bring with them home - things that we ourselves love and use, and that are sustainable and with high quality.”

Yvonne Tenninge
Host since 2014, 6 units
La Belle Vue, France
Photos by us and: Agnes Maltesdotter @undaflykter
Books curated by: Kult PR

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