el gran sueño - Creating long lasting memories

“When we lived in Brighton we renovated a couple of flats and finished them really nicely with a focus on interior design, decoration, and furniture. At first, the B&B was a way for us to create more spaces reflecting this lifestyle. Looking back, that was rather selfish approach. We quickly realised that to create something really special we had to create it for our customers and not for us. We needed to have a specific customer in mind, someone we called Customer X. Our approach with all interior decorations and feeling of the website is all designed with Customer X in mind. It wasn’t until we had a finished product and we had been running the place for a few years that we realised that all this effort to create something special was, in return, delivering something special, something we’d not considered before. We learned, by chatting to our customers, that we were creating unique, long lasting memories for them. They remembered their experienced and they talked about it to their friends and family. This was a remarkable reward and something we are very proud of. Knowing that us paying close attention to all the little details leading up to these unique memories. All the design, the comfort and high quality food, all this creates a unique experience for our guests and they love it. It inspires them. We love that”.

Dave and Javier
Hosts since 2013, 8 units 
el gran sueño, Asturias, Spain