Previja Zlatibor (1/3)

“My grandfather owns a large piece of land with untouched nature outside of Zlatibor, the no 1 tourist destination in Serbia. I am a professional driver and work as a personal driver for company executives in Serbia. For a period I was working in Switzerland and got the chance to visit a lot of nice chalets there. I got the idea to build chalets like that on grandfather’s land. I thought it would be perfect with small, high quality cabins in the wilderness with no other houses around for at least 5-6 kilometers. I think that people nowadays have a need for privacy and to be close to the nature. I found an old cabin that I could move to the area and rebuild it the way I wanted. I got help from my father and an uncle who is a wood maker. It took us about 1,5 years since we could only do it on weekends. It was a lot of hard work. The timber comes from the surrounding forest and we made all the piping ourselves from a water spring on the land. I am really proud of building this house. I enjoyed both the process of building and when people tell me they really like the design and the surroundings.” 
Antonije Prentovic 
Host since 2011, 2 units
Previja Zlatibor, Serbia

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